I have been working at Marsden State School in Logan City, Brisbane for fourteen years and I am a Support Teacher, Literacy and Numeracy. Currently I work with students in years four, five, six and seven by providing literacy intervention and working in class with small groups of students. The school caters to a melting pot of cultures including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Asian, European, Pacific Islanders, Maoris, and more recently, North Africans.

When I formed the Cambodian Cultural Club in 2005, Khmer students represented the largest minority in the school. Students met regularly to study the language and culture, culminating in a trip to the nearby Cambodian Buddhist Temple. They performed plays based on .folk tales, traditional songs and dances. Money collected from these performances was donated to School Aid, small charities in Cambodia and Burma, and towards the purchase of a portable stage for the school.

During my first trip to Cambodia I stayed with the extended family of one of my students. I fell in love with people whose country had been terrorised and ravaged by war. Returning many times, I have formed lasting friendships in many provinces and towns.

I began visiting Burma in 2006 and have developed a substantial network of friends in several parts of the country, who are dedicated to helping those living in poverty.

The Cambodian Club had a name change in 2007. Now known as the Marsden State School Multicultural Club, students have new T Shirts, made and printed in Cambodia.


My book, Broadening My Horizons tells of my adventures travelling through South East Asia and Nepal where the reader is invited to accompany me, enjoy the local hospitality, the colour and vibrancy of daily life and some of the hardships faced and met with resilience and courage.

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Reader feedback is welcomed and so far the comments received have all been positive. Enjoy and remember there is another book on its way.


I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of spirit I encountered during my travels. The people I met have made my life infinitely richer and it is with a grateful heart that I give all profits from this book to small charities in South Asia.

Please contact me at margi@margaretgood or text me on 61 + 0409050230 for further details on how to arrange the purchase of my book and/or photographs.